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World’s First Business Interruption Insurance B2B

Platform for Societal Security Risk Transfer

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Big Data Mining
and Mapping

Enabling Insurers and Governments to map, calculate and understand potential losses and time of recovery within particular industry or territory.

Telematics Enables Continuous Monitoring

Business Interruption insurance policies are often providing a “blanket cover” however acute factors identified in the Business Impact Analysis may allow continuous monitoring of specific critical factors, saving time, money and resources.

Assisting Actuaries - Reducing Reliance on Modelling

Although mathematical modelling is still prevalent among insurers and third party loss-assessors, Audeamus Risk aims to supply complementary quality data from the very source of potential loss.

IoT Creates
Data Revolution

Abundant amounts of data produced by organisations around the world may carry significant value for the Insurers and Cedents alike. IoT provides additional opportunity for third-party analytics specialist to place their qualified results through Audeamus Risk platform.

Recent News

May 23, 2018

Next Generation Insurance Conference in Sydney

It was a pleasure presenting Audeamus Risk’s BIAX platform at the Next Generation Insurance Conference in Sydney 18-19 May. Big thank you to IQPC and the conference sponsors. We look forward to working with the Next Generation Insurers who are able to address forthcoming Organisational Resilience challenges and recognise the value of blockchain, smart-contracts and the power of dynamic pricing.

May 01, 2018

Audeamus Risk is the Accelerater Award 2018 Finalist!

ACCELERATERegTech 2018 is the inaugural RegTech Association eco-system event.

February 05, 2018

Apple, Cisco team up with insurance companies to offer cyber policy discounts

(Reuters) - Apple Inc and Cisco Systems Inc have teamed up with insurer Allianz SE to offer discounts on cyber insurance to businesses that primarily use equipment from both technology companies, they said on Monday.