Key Benefits

Provide management with the best value insurance coverage by matching the company’s resilience and quantified recovery options with an appropriate insurance provider to insure a more optimized risk-to-premium loss prevention options; this would ensure objective pricing of the losses that can be firmly anticipated for a specific timeframe, using verified data, which has been also validated using a four-eye principle by senior corporate management.

Current Approach Audeamus Approach
Uses mathematical modelling Actual data from the BIA process and proven resilience techniques. Information of certified nature co-signed / approved by senior management.
Critical factors mainly unmonitored Monitored through telematics and other communications means (where applicable/possible) at frequency pre-determined by insurance company.
Static policy Dynamically updated, according to the company’s changing business needs and market conditions.
Limited, or no use of predictive analytics or maintenance information Predictive maintenance information complements the BIA and enables both the Customer and Insurance company to have more confidence in operational matters and insurance policies respectively.

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