Future Developments

The tremendous growth of the Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) and associated instruments over the last decade is evidence that the world is rapidly moving towards alternative insurance and reinsurance products and services.  This trend is expected to continue and is just the beginning of the market redistribution and landscape which will be characterised by better insurance choices, greater flexibility and most importantly more objective pricing options for the risks that have been up until now uninsured or over-insured.

Considering the above, continuing evolvement and global adoption of the discipline of Business Continuity Management serves to provide greater risk resilience.

Our platform  will create an improved and more efficient means to leverage BIA information and dynamic supply chain data that has been hidden, ignored, misinterpreted, or simply unavailable for use in optimizing business risk assessments to loss coverage options.

Further developments are already underway concerning specific data structures and domains that are able to demonstrate equal reliability and process integrity.

The platform’s Intellectual Property has envisioned other forms of risk-complexities that would be inevitably imposed by introduction of 5G, Quantum Computing and Industry 4.0 that can be efficiently sourced and traded on a secondary market in a very secure manner, which may include certificates and eventually transactions facilitated through Blockchain Distributed Ledger and other advanced technology.